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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is creating the curriculum and materials?
    We worked with teachers from North Carolina as well as organizations such as the NCSU College of Education to develop curriculums that meet state standards. Different activities and each particular session are created by the tutors and are looked over by teachers.
  • How does the "pay what you can" model work?
    To make the service as accessible as possible, we have a "pay what you can" fund to cover the difference of parents and students that normally can't afford educational services. The fund is kept alive through donations, and customers have the option to "pay it forward" on top of paying for the service themselves.
  • Where are the sessions hosted?
    The sessions will all be hosted over Zoom and use various features such as the whiteboard, as well as other online resources. The Zoom link will be provided through the website as well as email.
  • How much are the tutors paid?
    Our tutors are paid between $20-30/hr depending on their experience.
  • How do you hire tutors?
    We tend to hire teachers and college students with teaching experience as tutors. All of our tutors go through an interview process with demo sessions to test their ability and go through background checks.
  • What grades and subjects are taught?
    Currently we host sessions that cover math for K-8 students, but in the future we plan on expanding to all grades and subjects.
  • How are students sorted into groups?
    After signing up, we set up a short phone call with the parent or guardian of the student to understand the needs and ability of each student. We have teachers pair the students into compatible groups and rearrange as needed throughout the program.
  • How large are the groups?
    Each group is between 3-5 students and will depend on the matchmaking process to put students with similar needs together.
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